When Nature Calls

During the Coronavirus ordeal, God gave me all kinds of time to reflect on all kinds of things in my life. This is one I think He wants me to share. So, here goes…

I got up at about 3:15 am to relieve myself, which is not what I would say if God was not helping me write this. When I got back in bed, I thought about a good friend of mine that I met when I was in sales. We became good friends because we had a lot in common. As he, an Army Special Forces, and I, a Marine, we both served in Vietnam. So, we shared a lot of stories.

Jim is the toughest guy I have ever known. In today’s lingo, Jim is an OG (Original Gangster) and I am OG (Original Grandpa).

Jim was not only a good friend, but also a very good customer of mine, so we went to lunch a lot of times on my company’s dime. Occasionally, we would discuss things of a spiritual nature. He always wanted to argue about things like Jonah and the whale, walking on water, and the parting of the Red Sea. He could not understand how I could believe in such nonsense.

After my retirement from work, we stayed in contact by phone, usually on birthdays, Christmas, etc. On one of these calls, his wife Gail answered the phone and was bawling. I asked her what was wrong; she said their dog Alli was lost. It was a stormy night with lots of rain, thunder, and lightning. Jim had been out searching all day and was still out looking. Gail knew about my belief in God and asked if I would pray. I told her that God knows exactly where Alli is and that I would be praying for them.

About 15 minutes after we hung up, the phone rang, and it was Gail. She was so excited she could hardly talk. Your prayers worked. Jim found Alli. I asked Gail to put Jim on the phone. He answered and said yeah, I know prayer works, ha-ha. I found Alli and it took all day and half the night, so don’t give God all the credit, but you keep on believing.

Well, I am going to call Jim today to say hi and ask how they are coping with this Coronavirus and to let them know Carolyn and I are praying for them. Then I am going to ask Jim to remember the dog. After we hang up, it will be in God’s hands again. Could one be in any better hands than God’s?

Can you believe this whole story was written just because I had to pee? What a wonderful God we serve. Keep on believing.



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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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