Life After 70

Life used to be a big deal. Life Magazine. Yes, it used to be a big deal. Oftentimes famous people were on its cover from 1936 until its end in 1970. It had special editions published until the year 2000. Those were the days to marvel at Life!

Since magazines like LIFE are in the past, these days some people cannot seem to function without cell phones and social media. I could easily do it if I didn't have a nonprofit to promote as I do. Cell phones and social media are forced upon people in business, at least to a degree. Sometimes life for me after 70 is an ordeal rather than a big deal.

For instance, let’s take a typical day. I go to McDonald’s and order a breakfast burrito. I am told. “Sorry we don’t have any burritos this morning.” What about a little strawberry pie? “No, we have only the cookie flavor available now.” So, what you are telling me is “life's according to McDonald’s” not the customer. This is happening not just to McDonald’s but other restaurants and businesses as well.

What about this one? Restaurants are closing because they can’t get help. Then there are restaurants closing for the summer. Yep! Their reason? We work hard and need a break. Well, for crying out loud, everybody should work hard. Do you really think the restaurants of the 1950’s until 2000 closed for the summer?

It's not just restaurants - it's all types of retail and service businesses. Businesses today don't really care too much about the customer, consumer. Then, why are they in business? Maybe if we, the customers, don't comply to their individual whims maybe they'll wake up. 

The mentality of today’s generation is so different from when I was growing up. That could have been a feature story in LIFE magazine because it would have been an oddity. Not anymore, it’s the norm!

Oh, please…I yearn for life more pleasing the way it used to be. Well, I’m over 70 so there are going to be lots of things I won’t think to be the “norm”. I guess I’ll just have to get used to them. Grin and bear it! That's why when I find a great restaurant...I patronize them, and a lot! Give them praise too!

Oh, if only…well, I just reminisce about the good old days of LIFE. 



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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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