She Taught Me So Much

Saturday, May 13, 2023 

I loved my mom so much! She decorated our home beautifully and always provided us with a good meal. 
For many years my parents took the family to Norris lake. After I had grown up and married, times of vacation each year at the lake continued.  Good meals, games, laughter, and boating filled over forty years of happy memories.  
Being close, my mom taught me so much and I dedicate this piece to Norma Bonham, written by Ellen Sue Rymer in her memory.
"She taught me joy for her daily tasks were accompanied by her happy singing. She taught me laughter for a smile was an unchanging part of her face. She taught me beauty for just as flowers beautified her home, so did her spirit beautify her life. She taught me friendship for she never met a stranger or a person so lowly she could not befriend them. She taught me love for she so surrounded me in its warm glow that it seemed she was the very essence of love. She taught me peace for even in the mightiest of storms her voice and the touch of her hand could calm my inner soul. She taught me determination for even when her body was weak her spirit kept fighting for life. She taught me hope for even when life seemed clouded, she never gave up believing tomorrow would be better than today. She taught me to believe in myself for she always believed in me. She taught me to live for she always lived life to its fullest measure. She taught me Christ for He so lived in her that her words, deeds, and even the meditations of her heart were a constant witness to His lordship."                                                        


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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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