What is Your Drive in Life?

Colossians 3:4 (Contemporary English Version) “Christ gives meaning to your life, and when he appears, you will also appear with him in glory.”

What is it about an automobile that people seem to have a love for driving?

Queen Elizabeth gave up driving late in her life. Looking at this picture, she seems to have the concern of her passengers though. Wonder if she should have given up driving before she did? I know Prince Philip had an accident driving when he was over 95 years old!

Toward the end of my mother-in-law’s life, she struggled with giving up driving her car. When she turned in her keys to her children, it was thought she was ready to not only stop driving but also to sell her car. Nope, she wasn’t ready! My husband Pat asked her why she didn’t want to sell. She said, “I might want to just look at it for a while!” Since it was giving up a big independence in her life, her children let her keep her beloved car as long as she wanted.

Now that years are creeping up on me, I understand completely how she felt. My thoughts are that if my reflexes slow and my mental ability changes then that might be an indication of when it’s time.

Here is a favorite "drive" of mine. I loved it best of all my cars. It's a 2011 MkZ. Sure miss that 6-slot CD player! Oh, boy...do I miss it! Only reason I sold is I thought with its high mileage it was time to upgrade. If I could do it over again, I would have kept it.

In “America’s Love Affair with the Automobile” an entry on PUPS’ On a Mission Blog my brother Barry tells of the history of the automobile and how our cars are a reflection of our personalities.

America's Love Affair with the Automobile

However, the important “drive” in my life really should be the Lord. Recently, I read a piece by Evangelist Carroll Roberson which got my attention. He wrote: “Some people say, ‘music is my life;’ some people say ‘my work is my life’, others may say ‘travel is my life’, but a true follower of Jesus should say ‘Christ is my life’! He is just not part of our life, but He is our life!”

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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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