Reflection on Life Well Lived

Ecclesiastes 7:1 “A good reputation at the time of death is better than loving care at the time of birth.”

Glenn was a great guy. Glenn was a family man. Children were a priority with both Glenn and his wife, my cousin Linda. He was known by his family as the one who often shared wisdom.

We enjoyed many years of gathering together with Glenn and Linda at Thanksgiving and Easter time. I remember when they were first married; they were a happy, cute couple and their only kid was a big schnauzer named Roscoe. 

They taught me to play Tripoli and it was loads of fun.

My favorite memory was when a senior citizen (Doc) seated at the dinner table, knocked over his water goblet, just before saying prayer. Linda bounced out of her chair and efficiently took care of it. She got seated and everyone bowed for prayer again, only to have our 3 year old (Michael) knock over his water. Linda quickly rose, cleaned it up, situated herself and then started to laugh. All of us laughed long and hard.

Table setting photo from yourguardianchef.com 

She may not have had the formal sit down dinner she had planned, but she and Glenn had a fun, relaxing one that day. Glenn and Linda always set a pleasant family atmosphere in the home while entertaining. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we loved celebrating with them so much.

Even though our families became unmanageable to gather around one table and home for the holidays, we will always have those many happy memories. 



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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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