God Confident

Matthew 19:26 “…with God all things are possible.”

Lynn has been under the weather the last few Mondays. But the writing continues. It's times like these we need to fill in for one another and call on our Blog theme once again "helping one another". 

In my 71 years, I have been blessed with good physical health and seldom get sick, but my weakness is that of sustaining confidence. What I mean by that is I lack confidence, both personally and professionally.

In David Jeremiah’s book, “Overcomer” he lists 8 different ways Satan attacks us:

  1. Satan wants to keep you from God’s strength
  2. He’s after your honesty.
  3. He’s after your heart and your righteous life.
  4. He wants to fill you with anxiety.
  5. He wants to fill you with doubt.
  6. He longs to confuse your mind.
  7. He loves to tempt you to sin.
  8. He hates it when you pray.

It was a wish I had to be confident. My family and friends sure had the confidence that “I had it” but I never could “see it”. This thought and feeling of no confidence lingered into my mid-40’s. Although when I came to know the Lord at age 45, I began to place my confidence and trust in Him. It’s then that I was able to move above the ordinary and do extraordinary things that I never thought possible.

(Judy Benning, my sister, Jennifer O'Neill, author, model, movie star, and me at Cedarville University "Beauty from the Inside Out")

Hosted an annual women’s event, “Beauty from the Inside Out” and brought in well-known speakers. Many things happened with the two publications that I published. It was a God-confidence that I had that made things come about. I never took that for granted.

(On a Mission Magazine Displayed at Meijer and many other stores in Ohio)

Mark 9:23 ESV And Jesus said to him, “If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.”



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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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