Coffee and a Good Story

Monday, November 20, 2023
Colossians 2:7b TLB "Let your lives overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all He has done."           
Growing up Thanksgiving at our house was a formal dining experience. It was complete with china, an oblong, clear glass dining room table, and Czechoslovakian crystal chandelier. Always my mom would have a beautiful floral centerpiece on the table and a wonderful gourmet style meal. She knew how to set a lovely table, but she also was a very fine cook.

During some of our Thanksgiving meals she would reminisce about something from the past that made an enjoyable story.  My Mother shared a story about her school friend Alice, who had a reputation of being eccentric, but lovable. 
Alice invited my Mom over to her apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. When Mom arrived nothing was in the oven.  Dinner had not been started!  She asked Alice about it and she said, "Well, I was waiting for you to help me.  The turkey was too big to fit in the refrigerator, so I tied it up and hung it out the window!"  Sure enough, my Mom's friend opened the window and reeled in the rope holding a raw turkey!  The idea of others looking up at her apartment window with that turkey hanging out of it can still make me laugh today.  It must have been a sight! I don't remember Mom telling what they actually ate on that Thanksgiving, but I know they didn't have turkey!    
Our family also had a season of enjoying Thanksgiving with my mom's Aunt Loretta and Uncle Doc, along with her cousin, Linda, Husband Glen and their three children. I remember one Thanksgiving at Linda and Glen's house, our four year old Michael knocked over his milk at the table as soon as we all sat down at the table. Linda finished cleaning it up for us and sat back down.  We prayed over our meal only to have the senior citizen, Uncle Doc, knock over his goblet of water. Linda started laughing and we all joined her.  A dinner host that is not uptight makes everyone comfortable.
Remember, laughter around the Thanksgiving table brings lasting memories of joy; and spilled milk is bound to happen sometimes.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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