Lou Gehrig

Here is another great speech in the annals of American history as highly emotionally charged words given by heroes in the twilight of their lives. This speech was given by Lou Gehrig in Yankee Stadium...

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Walking through History with Two Great Men

 Welcome to our study of great American speeches delivered by great men. Transferring presidential responsibilities from one administration to the next is to be a smooth transition. Outgoing...

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The Gettysburg Address, A Few Appropriate Remarks, Part Three

     Our concluding article discussing President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address will attempt to breakdown his speech in order to consider his thoughts behind each sentence. This w...

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The Gettysburg Address, A Few Appropriate Remarks, Part Two

    We gather together, once again, to continue our discussion on the Gettysburg Address.  On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his well-known speech for the p...

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The Gettysburg Address - A Few Appropriate Remarks, Part One

 Do you enjoy memorizing facts, significant passages from manuscripts, or line in a play? As time marches on, we are challenged by experts on aging that we must discipline ourselves to continuall...

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Thanksgiving: A Day of Public Felicity

Have you ever thought Thanksgiving to be a patriotic holiday? When we consider that Thanksgiving is at the heart of the American experience, intertwined with special moments in American history such a...

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